Health & Hygiene

The aspect of cleanliness is always seen as next to Godliness. JFC Foundation pitches here in order to create a general awareness to the deprived community.

Skill Development

An important aspect of the JFC Foundation is to sync well with the Government programs and projects in order to develop the skill of the youth and help them.

Social Development

Social development, involves learning the values, knowledge and skills that enable underprivileged section, for the betterment of the society in positive ways.

Kids Education

We provide ideal places for the young explorers to interact with the other human world. Such an environment offers a tiny society to foster the social development.


Just For Community Foundation (JFC) is a voluntary organization committed to improving the lives of people less fortunate through participation, awareness and empowerment It was founded by some likeminded and devoted social workers The organization believes that there is no simple solution to reduce/eradicate poverty. As such, in order to overcome poverty, it is necessary to address the range of issues that poor people face on a daily basis. Tackling issues in an integrated, sustainable manner, JFC aimed at mproving quality of life of most vulnerable people of the communities. The organization is registered under society registration act 1860. It is came existence in 2017 with their sacred objectives.



    “To ensure a quality life through empowerment, education, information, healthcare service and economic self-reliance through sustainable development of marginalized and vulnerable people”

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    “To establish a peaceful, just, Aware and healthy society


    “Serving People making lives better”